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Starry Night Sky for Darker night mod
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Starry Night Sky for Darker night mod

This mod replaces the default night sky with a seamless starry one. It uses the distant lights of towns to help make the horizon understandable as well as a comet just west of north to help players orient themselves.

The package starryNightSky.zip must be unpacked. It contains two folders.

The folder "night_sky_SIDE_TOP" contains the following files "night_sky_SIDE.dds" and "night_sky_TOP.dds".

These replace the files of the same name in your Farming Simulator application resources.
~/Farming Simulator 2013.app/Contents/Resources/data/sky/night_sky_SIDE.dds
~/Farming Simulator 2013.app/Contents/Resources/data/sky/night_sky_TOP.dds
These DO NOT go in your mods folder.

There is a folder in the package called "COPY-ORIGINALS-INTO-HERE-BEFORE-REPLACING-THEM" This gives you a place to backup the original files from ~/Contents/Resources/data/sky/ BEFORE you replace them with the starry ones. This is important. For anyone to use Starry Night Sky in MP all players must use it. If you want to play MP on a server that does not use starry night then you will need to have the originals on hand to put back. Otherwise your MP will be broken.

I did this to go with the Darker night mod (http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/32456) by Bayn and Danne142. I have customized my copy of Darker night mod to sync the timing with the in-game dawn and dusk better and adjust the colour temperature to the time of day. The adjusted lighting schedule will help to get the most advantage from this mod. The alternate values can be found in the readMe.

night_sky_SIDE.dds and night_sky_TOP.dds drawn by dahemac
Darker Night Credits:
Author : Bayn for farming simulator 2011
Converted by: Danne142 to work with Fs13

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