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Steam engine pack v1.0
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Steam engine pack v1.0

This is a steam engine with plow for LS 2013.

NO MR version.

I am NOT the creator. I have the file from an Austrian forum since the end of 2013. This forum has been since the end of January unfortunately closed in 2014.

As always there is interest, I put this file here.

Please NO questions about PN. It is an awesome machine. Super functions. Because someone has given CORRECT effort.

Such steam engines were used in the past with us in the area for deep plowing. At each headland a machine was provided with the winch a change plow was drawn. (Pull the plug, loosen the rope brake and continue) The understanding of the machine operator was the whistle of the steam engine. As any boy I rode along with us in the village on a stretcher to make the water transport.

It would be nice if a modder would find that would add some manure, water and / or milk trailer for gasoline. So you could, for example, a crown pendant a large barrel with 6000 - 10,000 liters and build these trailers then go to the gasoline use for the steam engine.

Under steam plow or steam plows you can find on the internet a lot of information.

Habe KEINE Infos

  • Todd
    2017-10-23 04:32 Send message
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    i love this mod saw iton you tube..one of main reasons i sometimes play on 13
  • Name
    2019-07-22 22:11
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    i cant find any version for fs19 so if there is one can i have the link
  • Edward aylward
    2020-08-10 00:22
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    this engine would be even better if there was one for fs19
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