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Steiger Pack BETA
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Steiger Pack BETA

This is the Steiger tractors I have been working on I have included the:

Cougar PTA 280
Panther ST 350
Panther PTA 325
Panther KM 360
Tiger ST 450 Triples
40 foot Steiger cultivator
75 foot Steiger cultivator

These are B E T A mods means they are not perfect they have issues.

NOTE: I have included the CIH MX 180 mod and you must have it in the mods folder with these tractors or they wont work.

Edit: Fred50 and Vex90
Re edit and conversion and rebuild for 2013: Greasersnoopy
Scripts: Manuel Leithner,Robert

CIH 180:
Orignal Mod:Treckerjack,Knagsted,@[email protected],TheFlown
Script:Manuel Leithner,Robert Hostens,Webby,modelleicher,ls-for-ever

75 foot:
Edit:Tiger 1234
Re edit and conversion to steiger: Greasersnoopy

40 foot:
Reskin and Edit V2: Greasersnoopy

Please do not edit this or upload it anywhere other than where I have placed it without my permission.

  • Farmergord
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    They look great, sound awsome but don't work very well in hired mode. They get the heebie jeebies. I like them anyway. 40 foot cultivator works great. Thanks for the great mods, like you say not perfect but cool just the same.
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