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Steyr 1100 v1.0
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Steyr 1100 v1.0

Steyr 1100
Hello Mod and Steyr friends.
Here we provide you with one of our 3 large Steyr PLUS models.
We start with the model 1100, further will possibly follow.
A few technical data about the Steyr 1100:
Steyr 1100 production period 1971 - 1977,
Engine WD 610.40 6 Cylinders 5975 ccm 98 hp, 2200 rpm,
Wheels: front 11.2-24; Rear 16.9-34,
Transmission: Fully synchronized 18 forward 6 reverse gears,
PTO shaft 540 & 1000 rpm, Empty weight: 4980Kg Diesel: 118 liters,
Number of pieces: 524 pcs. Type Steyr 1100 in all-wheel-drive version.
The cardan shaft is the only non-rotatable part, maybe there is someone who creates it in another version and brings it to the DL.

The model comes from Guynrush alias beavers-modding https://www.facebook.com/beavers.modding
The Steyr Modding team also has a few small details of the well-known Steyr Plus models.

Credits and releases from:
Guynrush beavers-modding, DeutzAgroxtra in the name Steyr-Modding-Team (Domi).
I hope I have not forgotten anyone in the credits
So I wish you much fun with this mod.
Mfg JokerModing Team https://www.facebook.com/LS17JokerModding/

Modell: Guynrush beavers-modding, DeutzAgroxtra Steyr-Modding-Team, JokerModding
Textur: Guynrush beavers-modding, DeutzAgroxtra Steyr-Modding-Team, JokerModding
Idee / Konzept: konvertiert von LS13 in L17 und erweitert: von JokerModding / Guynrush beavers-modding
Tester: JokerModding

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