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Store categories MoreRealistic v0.3
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Store categories MoreRealistic v0.3

The script creates a new shop category for MoreRealistic vehicles, which are moved therein. The categories are separated by machine types and can be found directly after the regular respective vehicle category – in which only non-MR vehicles will stay. The categories "Sorted by brand" will still contain both non-MR and MR vehicles. This script fully supports MoreRealisticDLCs.
Warning: in order discriminate between "MoreRealistic" and "normal" vehicles, each vehicle's xml file has to be loaded and read during the loading of the map. This can – depending on your system – increase the map loading time.

Copy the shopCategoriesMR.zip archive to your mods folder.

inhibit multiple code executions in 2nd, 3rd, … savegame load
add separate category for MoreRealisticDLCs

initial release

No modification without the author's written permission. No re-upload by anyone but the original author. No commercial usage.
Copyright © Jakob Tischler, 2014

Jakob Tischler

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