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Straw Grass silage and manure buyable
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Straw Grass silage and manure buyable

I have converted the ingame potato and beet storage buildings to be able to sell grass, straw, manure, and silage. Now you can buy straw, grass, and silage along with manure. This way you will be able to maintain your fields and livestock when first getting started. Then as you are able to expand your equipment you can produce your own feeding materials and manure. All goods need to be loaded with a bucket. Here is a link for a Weidemann shovel Multi Fruit bucket that will load out of these sheds. http://www.modhoster.com/download/c3lUV As you load from the shed the money will be deducted from your funds. The prices are based on the sell prices of these same products. Therefore silage will cost a substantial amount whereas straw, grass, and manure will not  cost as much. These must be placed in GE and you should have the latest patch. Please do not upload to other sites. If used in a map list credits.

Conversion JohnDeere1952
Models textures and triggers Giants software
trigger change info bassaddict

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