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Super baling and NH pack V1
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Super baling and NH pack V1

          Super baling pack has 4 balers 1 with NH baler with 20t per grass/hay/staw big bale. and 3 with Krone balers (Super baler, square baler 50t/ grass/hay/staw bale, it shot out quarty like MechimeGun [very much bales]. Green color round baler with 1000t per grass/hay/staw bale. black round baler with 1000t per silage/staw bale. SPV ultra cap with 1000t, also has auto bale grab mod, which means, loads one bale with only one key on you keyboard (V key per staw bale auto load, and X key per hay/grass bale auto load, Z key per silage bale auto load). mult bale mods must be in, no silage bale if don't have this mod.
          JD cowboy grass hander for tractors has range of 100 meter of total work range to cut grass to wide drop or a single line of drop,
all Super balers work range up to 50 meters maxium, you no need to windrower it for ever. mix stition v2 's color I change to blue color very nice.
         Two NH tractors : NH T7.210 and NH T9 are very useful When i playing the game, what's you think.

By: Jack7777

  • John smith
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    i dwnloaded thi mod pack a while back & have been using it with no major issues but one, the NH big baler has no tire textures, the show up all whit ingame, so what i did was download just the baler & replace the baler in this pack in my game with just the baler that i downloaded seperatly & its fixed now & i love the huge swath JD mower its nice mower.
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