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Sweet Home LS09 Map v2.0
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Sweet Home LS09 Map v2.0

It is the LS 2009 MAP V.2 which is later verbunten with a bridge to LS11 & LS13 . The entire LS_09 was brought to the level of 2013.
The port and the brewery was modernized. The BGA appeared already in LS_09 as a building site , now it is finished and ready for use.
New on the MAP are the biogas plant , golf and camping as well as a cow pasture, pig with point of sale , garden centers, petrol station with car wash , sheep grazing and the chicken coop. The fields are now available to buy.
Sold at: Harbor, BrauAG , mill , cattle dealers , garden centers and spinning the wool.

The pig truck I can of Marhu

Funnily enough, you get in SP no money for the pigs in MP already , but nevertheless one can sell the manure and the manure on the garden center , which also brings good money

Since I have installed many mods , I can not remember all modders me , but who recognizes his mod again and wants to be mentioned here , it says calmly . Thanks all I was allowed to use your mods.

For new ideas , suggestions and I am very grateful.


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