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Tannenhof v2.31 Insel
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Tannenhof v2.31 Insel

TA 2.31 - Multifruit
new ...
Start capital - vehicle park determine !
Heliport with garage and refuelable
Now ferries must be also refuelled
Fuel store in farms
Oil harbour incl. small tanker truck
New Anzeige-Huds
decoration grass neu
More decoration inserted
Sheep farm now buyable
3. driving silo at the main Farm (wish MPler)
*Soilmod for ground management and growth control
and of course everything was what already before in version TA 2.3 in it!
(Multifruit and more)
in addition... Mistake correction from TA23
on "slightly" simply - but at "a hard" challenge!
the gates and barriers are to properties / stages to engaged which one can buy in the cadastral office!

Hello, foreign languages TA - player
1-37 = Properties / fields
38 = Trader (5) -
Land trade, horse court, cargo harbour, grain mill,
brewing inn
39 = Garden centre (importantly seeds and fertilizer)
40 = Machine trader (all devices)
41 = Fermentation gas court / Mini-BGA
42 = To find Icon - on cemetery
26 = Fir court outside camp

Free / open places are:
Fishing, piglet's court, Edeka, residential construction,
Cement factory, gravel mine, sandy pit, bridges, spinning mill etc.
parking bays / buildings are NO-TAB
and die ferries also
I hope this now can help you !
Best regards of Sir Vicmon
excuse now only with translator

Information and facts:
Fir court island version 2.3
Size of the ZIP 378.738 mb

Start recommendation:
+ savegame folders extinguish blank!
+ inputBinding extinguish!
+ Play Mod folder only with... aTannenhof_Insel.zip + zzzMultiFruit.zi          
later.... necessary vehicles - a lot... much later.... Modsammlung!
Anew in the fir court world:
Oat - millet - rye - sunflowers - carrots - onions
Cement factory - fishing - hay dry silo - renewed sales places
Fir court outside camp - opening times - entrance requirements
and everything was what before already in it!
Properties 37 fields wait for management (from 0.19 to 6.91 ha)
Recommendation:... Multifruit Mod from upsidedown
inserts all fruits in most Mod and state kind vehicles -
Version 2.1 = http://www.modhoster.de / download / qtRkR
(State kind 2.0 is obstructed in the Map)
One finds all important information and tips also in the play
READING ASKS! (Pictures in the Map journal also inform)

by Sir Vicmon

  • Dele444
    2014-08-08 18:08
    Is there a English map tannenhof ? I like the atannenhof Insel map but was wondering is there going to b an English version of the map??
  • Dle444
    2014-08-09 01:06
    I am have trouble with a couple of gates opening,1 at the dealers and 1 at the #1 field
  • Stef
    2014-08-19 19:05
    nice map event if the map is in german ( i don`t speak or read in german ) the only problemme with the map is the gate don`t open so i remove them with G.E editor :) problem solve .... lol
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