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TFG-1.2 DT-75M
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TFG-1.2 DT-75M

TFG-1.2 DT-75M loader for Farming Simulator 2013 - Rocker loader based crawler tractor DT 75M. Used for loading grain, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, manure, sand, gravel. Dump bucket - back.

Key NUMPAD 6 - on / off back light.
Key NUMPAD 5 - shield from the sun in the cockpit.
C button - camera switching cubicle / from the outside.
Key Hold down the left mouse button bucket control.
Key M - Manage bucket.
Key N - Manage bucket.
Key J - Management bucket.
Key K - Management bucket.

Model frontal-tumbler device TFG-1.2: DangelZmey
Texture frontal-tumbler device TFG-1.2: DangelZmey
Model tractor DT-75M: nevan
Transmission: Anubis_1995
Script: Professor, Silak_68
Edit in game: werik
Animation and recovery models: werik

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