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TGX 26.680 v8 demountable v2.0 Pack
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TGX 26.680 v8 demountable v2.0 Pack

Hi Com
I've thought long and present you the MAN now but for disposal.
It is a MAN TGX spreaders with matching container
The container almost 15,000 L and can be set to other flatbed trailer for transport
The matching trailer for stackers do I submit again after !!

Info TGX
Purchase Price 135.000 €
€ 65 maintenance day
Press the M / N tilting boom taking on or discharging
Key J / K to Auschieben of the boom when placing it onto trailer or other high surfaces Points
Otherwise horn light etc as usual

Info Container
Purchase price € 5000
Maintenance € 5
Can wheat, barley, oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beet, chaff and sand loading
There are two warnings for a sound file and on the other the fruit sand if it is not installed on the Map.
Please have Respect before work and uses only the original link for download.
it is also not allowed to upload the Modified or import into other games
Be it the Coming BauSIM or Later LS15

Modell: ETS / Werkstattleiter
Ingame: Werkstattleiter
Scripte: Verschieden

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