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The Alps v1.1 Forest Edition
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The Alps v1.1 Forest Edition


¤ Wellcome to The Alps! New world, inspired by Alpine mountains. Find yourself in a enviroment full with new challanges. There are all the feautures of original Landwirtschafts Simulator with many newly added tasks.

¤ Alpine world as you have never seen before in Landwirtschafts Simulator. Map will bring you the true mountain atmosphere and fill your room with mountain air.

¤ Warning: This map is not recommended for the impatient farmers, that wouldn't be a match for heavy circumstances you can find in The Alps. Find even more great mods at www.LS-SLO.si.

THE ALPS Instruction Booklet:  http://www.file-upload.net/download-8367598/theAlpsIB.pdf.html

Do not reupload! Use original link download only!

kirezagar, ZG

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