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Thunder Creek Equipment fuel trailer
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Thunder Creek Equipment fuel trailer

this trailer is true 1:1 scale from the info i got from there website
it has a 5680 capacity for you to run fuel out to the fields
sot of trailer $23500 upkeep$25 and its found in misc in the store

farmerboy69 model/ingame
Unlimited Modding help/textures
kramarj/chrome wheels

  • Micky
    2014-07-08 23:14
    i want that truck please send me a link
  • Farmerboy69
    2014-07-09 00:39
    for you that took my mod and uploaed it with out permission can go fuck your self and as for you micky you can do the same your not getting my private mods
  • Farmerboy69
    2014-07-09 05:28
    nope but your mom sucked my last night
  • Micky
    2014-07-09 05:42
    no that was not me i sware i wont upload it to difrent site i don even know wow to upload mods
  • Micky
    2014-07-09 05:44
    please i beg you give me a link to that truck
  • Mincky
    2014-07-09 05:46
    i sware im not that type of person
  • Micky
    2014-07-09 05:47
    im mean micky
  • Micky
    2014-07-09 06:02
    come on i didnt do anything to you come on here http://www.fileswap.com/dl/rhqkSg7aaK/F_250XLT.zip.html
  • Micky
    2014-07-09 19:50
    do you know American Iron Modding i from there
  • Farmerboy69
    2014-07-09 22:30
    ya i know them if you on there team that to bad for you i will never give anything to them again or help them
  • Micky
    2014-07-10 00:03
    well want to play multiplyer to convince to let me get the truck
  • Mick
    2014-07-10 00:04
    then il leave there team
  • Micky
    2014-07-10 00:06
    just one mod
  • Farmerboy69
    2014-07-10 00:25
    just leave me along abut the truck and go hang with your little friends there
  • Micky
    2014-07-10 03:08
    well want to play multiplayer
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