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Thuringia Rhon v2.0
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Thuringia Rhon v2.0

Thuringia Rhon is the name of my first Modded Map for Farming Simulator 2013.

There is a small patch of Alndwirtschaft in the south of the beautiful Thuringia. The card is designed in detail and lifelike. Great Fields and meadows are typical of this region and allow for large-scale farmers and their machines every wish. But there are also many small details that can be recognized only upon closer look. Let yourself be inspired by the scenery and the natural and start them in agriculture.
Registered fields are already harvested and others nearing maturity.

On the map are:
- With rotting
- Large fields
- Pig
- Cattle
- Sheep and for the fresh egg of course some Biohühner
- Manure slurry lime mod installed
- Clover and alfalfa as a cover crop
- Water sampling point

The milk must be brought to the dairy itself.
There is a country store where you can make the wool, eggs, root crops and seeds to hard cash. And once you are there, and one has Genung through the sale in the bag, you can still equal to fertilizer and lime take away from the silo.
The map is of course also suitable for MP and LU, there are large potential fields and some garaging for the machines.
Especially Challenging this map in MoreRealisticMod.
The map is log error free, but it is not for the faint of PC's.

thanks to all whose objects have been installed

Required Mods:
- MapDoorTrigger ( http://www.modhoster.de/redirect/c0H8B )

According to § 4 of the copyright following link is considered the official database value
Since this is my first map, I'd appreciate MEANINGFUL criticism and recommendations

Urmodder: lsfamer2011(org. Map LS 2011)
mufuti (Umbau u. Konvertierung LS 2013)

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