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Toxenbach v2.0 Forst
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Toxenbach v2.0 Forst

Welcome to Toxenbach! Card is not shown though they to real terrain in mountainous terrain. I have done many interesting changes. It's all there to enjoy the game ... After a few weeks I can give it to you. Even there were not too many tests.
Go into detail. We have a total of 24 fields and 2 meadows. Store as on the original card, but the farm has been greatly modified. It looks better. See also refreshed BGA. All plants are in growth phase 3
The card is universal. Everyone should enjoy themselves. You can use it for a long time to play and have fun. It is good for multiplayer.

- Start vehicles.
- 24 fields, 2 meadows.
- Country trade, mill ...
- Cows, sheep, chickens. Cows and sheep are common pasture.
- There is an option for the fields buy. However, we do not need to do that.
- City as a standard card.
- Crops are almost ready for harvest. Growth phase 3
- Good for low poly Pc `s Optimization is good. There are no errors in the log!
- Attention to detail on the map. Gravel roads, traffic signs and more ...
- Interesting textures. I like it: P

Have fun with the map Desire t Battle414 Map team.
Link to download does not change!

Battle414 (ich)

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