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Traffic Trucks Pack
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Traffic Trucks Pack

This is a pack of Pickup Trucks that I've converted to trafficVehicles. All credit goes to original modelers!
These trucks follow the same traffic rules as the default vehicles, they yield right-of-way, stop at intersections.
Just put this mod in your mods folder and if you have traffic turned on the game will load these trucks as traffic.
You can not buy this mod.
You can not drive these trucks.
This mod will not show up in the store.
All specializations/scripts have been removed.
No need to unpack...Just put downloaded .zip file into your mods folder. == DO NOT RENAME ZIP FILE == loading script will not work if you do.

Ford F350 Model: coolbeans
Chevy Avalanche Model: Sergey54Rus, Tweek: jarlax
Dodge RAM 1500 Model: Kamis,Jurik
traffcVehicle conversions: SndGrdn
FS13 Conversion: SndGrdn

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