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TrueMirror v1.0.1
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TrueMirror v1.0.1

This mod adds in any vehicle or any mod with the specification "steerable" real side mirrors added. There are no additional cameras, but rectangles which reflect in one direction.
Alt-spacebar to turn on and off the mirror. For this, the vehicle must be selected. You can also adjust the mirrors:
front / back: Alt + NumPad 8/2
Inside / outside: Alt + NumPad 4/5
Rotate: Alt + NumPad 7/9/0/1
up / down: Alt + NumPad 6/3
larger / smaller, press Alt + NumPad - / +
Patch 2.0 is urgently needed!
Have fun with it!
The mod can, using the original download links and the name of the modder, are available for download anywhere. The reuploaden on other file hosters is prohibited.
A brief note to me would be nice too.


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