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Turntable with beekeepers construction v1.0
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Turntable with beekeepers construction v1.0

Here are separately the V3, for clarity
Vers: Normal and MR
!!!! File a time unpacking!!!!
- Swarm of bees visible, thanks 112TEC
Eliminates errors, no more Absturtz, thanks 112TEC
- Game restart now remains active even when saving /,
you do not need a special trip back and building
Mod is error free

This "tansportable" Trailer houses a beehive, just like the placeable apiary. Here, then, the function of the orginal hive is installed.
Drive the trailer to a bluetenreiche place and let the bees work for you.
In the period 06-20 clock, ie from sunrise to sunset, work the busy bee and generate for you a lot of money,
which will be credited to your account.

Before disconnecting, you can build the trailer with the "B" button.
Purchase Price: 25000 EUR
Earnings per hour 250 euro, in the period from 06.00 - 20.00 clock
no maintenance costs
And do not forget,
Thank nich does hurt!

div. Scripter für Licht und Partikelsysteme
Model Textur ingame, Tackleberry
Scriptanpassung: 112TEC

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