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U.S. Hill v1.0.2
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U.S. Hill v1.0.2

Great map with big fields for world class equipment. On the map are 7 fields. One of them is huge.
For fans of cutting corn for silage is BGA and several fields sown with corn.
It is a region mapped from my memory. Kansas area.

What else is interesting on the map?
- Cows
- Silos suitable for crops
- Appropriate machinery to start game on the map
- Manure mod
- Water mod
- Alternative tipping

On the map there are no serious errors. If you have suggestions for the next version witch fixes, please contact us.
I hope you enjoy our map Because We spent a lot of time on it :)
Do not change uploaded link!

ExtremeBB, JDFan, RussianMT

  • Farmer
    2014-06-03 05:06
    First off I like the texture of everything...(grass roads fields) They-you did a good job their. But I didn't like how it didn't have a traditional homestead or farm and the buildings seemed more European for a Kansas related map. And not sure if its my computer or what but no PDA screen came up. And my controls menu had a repeat error on it filling half the screen. But its a good start!
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