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Ukraine Map v1.0
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Ukraine Map v1.0

Ukraine Map v1.0 Farming Simulator 2013 - So guys, imagine a second card already edited by me. This is a beautiful map of Ukraine, my first map that I downloaded once. Standard culture, animals: chickens, sheep and cows. What's changed and added: chickens and corrected problems with sheep, trigger is added to podazhe bale receiving new paragraph, as the old full of bugs. Warehouse grain and fodder, feeders, silo. Equipment sales, cash, sale of eggs. Asphalt which inhibited technique. Version 2.0 and above. To this card earned need: unzip the file, open the folder and move the map Ukraine_Map_V1 in mods, Enjoy your game!

mapmodder, NRFalken.

  • Giorgos
    2014-04-17 21:32
    very nice jobthanks for yploading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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