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Unloading station yard v1.0
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Unloading station yard v1.0

Unloading point for cereals this store on the farm.
Prepared for the following types of fruit: wheat, barley, canola, corn, oats and rye
The unloading can only be approached with an open cover plate, the cover plate is opened at the counter.
In addition it is a lifting platform to be extended to tilt the trailer. This used to be interesting when you had to tilt the trailer still by hand pump to the discharge. The extend of the lifting platform can be done from the tractor out, but these must be selected however.
The unloading point only works with the MapDoorTrigger, it must be present for the mods folder.
The installation is done with the GE.
A placeable version it will not happen.
Tested and working in SP error-free, should run without errors even in MP.

Idee: Festus
Modell: Festus, El_Cid
Texturen: El_Cid
Ingame: Festus

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