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Unterhausen v1.0
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Unterhausen v1.0

Since I uploaded my 200 ste LS13 recording on Youtube today and my viewers that map I promised, I will this map wittmen my viewers.
The Unterhausen I finished quite some time. The Town Hall building and fields can be bought. There is also a contracting company that you can buy.

Major Mods:
- MapDoorTrigger
- MapBuyableObject

I thank all the modders that the objects were built in the map have built and uploaded. In this map also objects (slightly older) of with (TuneWar) are installed.

Diese Map darf nicht auf anderen Plattformen zum Download angeboten werden.

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-07 03:18
    The layout is quite nice and easy on the eyes with plenty of detail.The MapBuyableObjects don't really seem to add to much to the overall experience except for the silos and clearing that rock out in front of the tunnel entrance (sort of like Vogelsberg).Fields are decent size and the map is CoursePlay friendly and big enough to keep you busy.The map is a sleeper and deserves more attention than it's getting (just my opinion).
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