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UPK small BGA v1
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UPK small BGA v1

Since it still takes some time with the UPK for LS 2015, I decided not to bring my old mods LS 2013. Download
First, now my little BGA - which should find place on every farm.
It must be filled with manure and silage or grain or manure so that it produces money
Idea, implementation, Skinn: T2k-LSModding
BGA - Modeller: Unknown
Script: Universalprocesskit Mod -> Mor2000 (this is required for funktion!!)
Download Link: bit.ly/1uWhMU0

Idea, implementation, Skinn: T2k-LSModding (thoralf2002)
BGA - Model Modeller: Unknown

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    I have checked my the translated Text and have detected a small error - you must fill in liquidManure and Grain or Silage or Manure :)And this is a placeable Mod - like my on Facebook under T2K-LSModding :)
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