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Upper Mountain 2014 v0.9 Beta
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Upper Mountain 2014 v0.9 Beta

Here are my top mountain beta version 0.99! In this version, almost everything is different from what it was in the other betas! The map was successfully resolved by Errors have prevented that one could start the Upper Mountain Map! Now everything happened almost in the green Breich: WHAT SHOULD STILL BE CHANGED?
- The warnings need to be fixed!
- The call stack index values must be updated when I get it out of Water mod is bad but net as it uses one-way free!

- Have my Map zanckt with maps that sripte the scales and entries installed invites her best maps with the Modconvert on ls 13 dan likely to fold it!

Have fun testing
MFG Jensi09

Nick98.1 (wegen Brücken Pack muss ich ihn erwähnen)

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