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Ural 4320 SLP Edition
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Ural 4320 SLP Edition

I hereby set my Ural 4320 in SLP design you are available.
The mod is in great & the whole emerged in many requests of my audience but may have also still others interested in this old Russians.
At this point, many thanks to Marc85 for 3 months working and Marc85 & Blacky_BPG for the vote and the built-up scripts ( of course a thanks to the other script creator, see Credits ) .
This Ural comes with multi fruit support , therefore , it may on some maps where these fruits just some warnings are not installed cause but which have no impact on the game or the vehicle .
Thanks Marc85 the Ural also has some fine details that are so present in almost any vehicle again , let yourselves because sometimes surprise you.

Another note before whining again:
The built-in power circuit is controlled default on the 5 and 6 keys , the keyboard layout can also be changed in the game options of LS13.

Modell by Marc85
AttacherSetRpm by Sven777b
Beleuchtung311 by Sven777b
controlI3DAnim by Sven777b
Beifahrer by Alex2009
Rotors by Alex2009
DrivingParticleSystem by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
ES-Limiter by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Lanes by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Washable by Manuel Leithner
Wipers by Manuel Leithner
Gearbox6 by Blacky_BPG
VehicleControls by Blacky_BPG
ParkingBrake by Blacky_BPG
RadsturzV2 by modelleicher
realExhaustParticleSystem by modelleicher
realSteerAngles by modelleicher
manualIginition by Xentro
MMSuchlicht by MMAgrarservice
ShowHelp by Skullman
Sound by Templaer
WheelDirtSpecialization by John Deere 6930

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