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Ursus 1614 LFS (FS2013) v1.0
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Ursus 1614 LFS (FS2013) v1.0

Hello, how that some were still at my favorite 13-stce seems the latter has a mod which is 1614.

Mod has many features such as:
- Script trap wheels while plowing (M.orki)
- Many functions on approach
- Interactive Control Panel (IC activate certain functions with the mouse)
- The ability to run real front-wheel drive
- Operating controls and animations switches
- Glass with a mirror image (basic refractiveIndex with ls 11)
- Nice texture and model
- Animations opening mask and cap (as in Marcella)
- Removable mesh
- Extendable mirrors
- Adjust seat
- Slightly urealniony model

Authors of scripts:
- Modelleicher
- Aranea
- Lech
- Sven777b
- Templaer
- Knagsted
- Burner
- Manuel Leithner
- Friedrich L.
- Ziuta
- Grzegorz056

Edit Script:
- Lublin simulator Farms

Author model Marcello1942
Edit model ROLTECH, G & M, LSF

This mod is very similar to 1614 Marcella ...
This mod niejest perfect and may have some bugs
The prohibition of changing the link and how copying on other forums that copy the entire description.
I greet the people reading these descriptions !, Lublin SF (09/11/2015)


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