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Ursus Addon MoD PacK by Edzio021
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Ursus Addon MoD PacK by Edzio021

- Author MoD-pack: Edzio021
- Photo: Edzio021

- MoD Pack works without problem on Patch 2.0
- Hi At the moment it is not complete MoD pack that I could not find three modifications as I can find it I'll update MoD Pack

1) Download a.
2) Now Unpack the entire contents of the MODs (My Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2013 \ mods).
3) Turn on the game and enjoy the additives.
4) How would something that is not a ┼╝art.To really works in 100% do not believe check and write a comment

- Author MoD-pack: Edzio021
- Photo: Edzio021

  • Shaun
    2014-03-17 18:37 Send message
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    Nice mods man now I don need to pay for this ursus pack lol
  • Letsqond
    2014-03-17 19:37 Send message
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    Can you upload please Marshall and V├Ąderstad mod pack?
  • Edzio021
    2014-03-17 19:54 Send message
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    this mod pack not from Giants....
  • Kyle
    2014-03-19 23:45 Send message
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    Hey I can't get this to download. When I click on the link it just refreshes the page. Can anyone help me?
  • Lost_causes
    2014-04-26 02:51 Send message
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    it doesnt have the C-45, C-330, 5044, and most of the front loader tools (judging from the pic). and there is 1 frontloader not in the actual DLC.
  • Simfire1099
    2014-08-21 00:48 Send message
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    How doyou cracked the .dlc file? because i need some parts of the lindner dlc for a mod
  • Farming simulator master  ps3
    2014-09-10 01:13 Send message
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    i only have this game for the ps3 so i have to buy it if i want more mods i don"t no if i should but i really need the bale attachment for the round bales
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