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Valtra 900 Autocontrol
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Valtra 900 Autocontrol

Valtra is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in South America. Valtra tractors are individually built according to the customer's requirements. They are renowned for their quality and reliability.

You are free to upload this mod on other sites, as long you keep the original link - So a link to Fs-uk must be used! Please repect that!
C/M Modding Presents: Tepa00´s Valtra 900 Autocontrol converted to Fs 13 with permission from Tepa00!


- Ingition: Key ","
- Door Left: KP 1
- Door Right: KP 2
- Workligt (rear): KP 4
- Rear Duals: KP 5
- Front Duals KP 6
- Rear Window: KP 8
- Beacon: Home
- AO

The model´s AO textures files are 5-7 in total and have file size of around 5mb that why the zip file is high.


A 4 Cylindred Turbo Engine is giving a total of 90 hp
Lifting Capacity: 3290 kg
Year: 2001
Tires: Goddyear Optitrac 600 / 65R38

C/M Modding Wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Model: Tepa00
Textur: Tepa00 - C/M Modding
Ingame: Tepa00
Scripts by: Ls-uk Modteam
Conversion to Fs 13: C/M Modding

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