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Valtra Puller
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Valtra Puller

Today I bring you the Valtra puller! I got this mod from AEM and I converted it from 2011 to 2013. I have gotten permission from the creator to upload this mod to our site.

Please do not upload to any other site without permission!

Model, Scripting, Hot Farms Modding
11 to 13: gap70

  • Alex heck
    2014-06-29 22:17 Send message
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    How do you convert
  • Catfish_john1979
    2014-06-30 05:48 Send message
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    they didnt convert it they stole it off of www.americanironmodding.org and claimed they did it... they did this to one of my mods and its not right...
  • Hoosierfarmer
    2014-06-30 12:59 Send message
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    This mod has actually be stolen, there was no release from the original modder, admin you should take this down immediately as there are copyright law infringements posting mods without proper release.
  • Neal
    2016-03-14 03:38 Send message
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    please convert to fs15 and can you make a pulling truck like the real ones please.
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