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Valtra Valmet 6800 FL
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Valtra Valmet 6800 FL

A Valtra Valmet 6800 with a non-detachable MP-LIFT 150 Frontloader.
Fully Multiplayer Compatible.
All additional control keys are listed in the store description of the mod.
Made in Blender 2.67a, Exported with Blender 2.62, InGamed on Giants' SampleMod, with all the needed scripting added and modified.

- Frontloader, which does NOT have a collision box due to bugs and odd behaviour with some other key functions.
- Pivoting Front Axle.
- Ploughing Spec.
- Dual Wheels.
- ES-Limiter (+Wrokign Hours).
- Openable Doors And rear Window.
- Working Gauges and Pedals, Speed display.
- Lightsaddon.
- Washable.
- Dynamic Exhaust System.
- Indoor sounds.

Frontloader is a non-detachable because the detachable ones have been seen to have some buggy behaviour on MP or at least I have witnessed that, and it's also more reliable this way.

Known stuff that is missing or not working correctly:
- Rear window misses some stuff (Had no images).
- Side console does not have textures in it's buttons and switches (Had no images).
- Frontloader tool attacher does not rotate with the main arm, so far I havent been able to get it to work.

Model by Tepa00
Textures by Tepa00
InGame by Tepa00
Testing by Tepa00, Haasa90 and Jellona77

Tyres are made by someone, their maker's name is unkown to me. Beacon from the lightsaddon script pack. Dual wheel rims from ValtraN111.

Scripts belong to their original authors:
JoXXer, Manuel Leithner, Sven777b, Tobias F, Burner, Mythos.

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