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Vehicle Pack Sudhemmern v1.0
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Vehicle Pack Sudhemmern v1.0

Vehicle Pack for Südhemmern Map and the Porta Westfalica Map. Because many players had trouble with the harvesting and transport of the built on these two maps fruits and have, I have selected a few of the original cars and modified so that all the fruit harvested and transported can be.
And I have the Skinns the Fahrzege changed something so that they can be distinguished in the play of the original vehicles. Other minor changes do not deserve mention and are from the private use.

The car pack includes the following vehicles:
Krampe BBS 900 (flat version)
Deutz 7545 Combine Harvester with cutting
Crown BigX 1000 with 2 cutters
(Special feature:. The Easy Collect corn to hächseln AND for the harvesting of hops and energy willow The XDisc6200 for the harvest of clover and alfalfa, NO grass, had to get out)
Pottinger MX 6
Kroeger HDK 302
SRB 35

Because pictures say more than 1000 words, I have attached images in which there is all kinds of fruit and a description of the vehicles. Check this out!
The downloaded zip must first be unpacked and THEN the ZIP contained in the modfolder.
For me, the vehicles without LOG-error ran! If someone in which this may also be due to other mods in modfolder occur.
Have fun while playing.


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