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Vervaet Hydro Trike v2.0
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Vervaet Hydro Trike v2.0

This is an FSC-Modteam project.

IMPORTANT> You need "Zunhammer Vibro' it contains in this pack,

- Manufacturing year: 2013
- DAF Paccar MX340 engine
- 3 wheels for sharp turnig circles
- 4 IC Camera's
- 3-point hitch
- 14000 litre slurry tank
- 40km/h hydraulic driveline
- 680 l diesel tank

You can change the skin at the store. Step beside the Vervaet and buy the skin you like.
In the cab you also got an IC backupcam to look in every direction you need to look.
The Vervaet got an outside pomp system to fill manure out of the Kotte container from the Zunhammer Pack.
and there is many more!.

Short story,
Vervaet developed a machine together with experienced contractors in 1990.
A practical machine was born that the market has conquered within a few years.

After more than 20 years, the Hydro Trike became a familiar sight. Not only in The Netherlands,
but also in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, England ans also Ireland

- The fill arm (the white movable tube) does move with the mouse ans has a worklight,
but is does not work because there is no good script for it.
-This Vervaet is still in production. In a couple of weeks there will be an v2 with an 5wheeler vervaet inside the pack


Model, Sanderrr
Texture, Sanderrr & JelmarVZ
Ingame, JelmarVZ & Sanderr
LUA Fixes, Wopster, Stefan Maurus, Wout vd Berg

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