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Vogel and Noot Jet3 v0.8 Beta
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Vogel and Noot Jet3 v0.8 Beta

The Jet 3 is a mid-class motor mower is used in the mountain area., This mod is a beta I have published since I do not waste time wanted to make a finished mod for the LS 13 a month before the release date of LS 15 am If there is interest I work on a final version!

Known bugs:
Wrong Spawn at buy
On the model, some parts are missing ... (Looks you but not to you do not look closely)
Log is not completely clean
Price is set deliberately low because sometimes several times a must buy-sell before the machine is properly

Suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Model: Simfire1099
Texture: Simfire1099
Convert Blender GE: South Tyrolean
Ingame: Simfire1099

It is prohibited to publish this work in the same, similar or modified form, without permission of the author (Simfire1099).
It is forbidden to publish this work in the same or similar form without, the permission of the modder (Simfire1099).
Please do not reupload this mod.

Simfire1099, S├╝dtirolerbauer

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