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Volkswagen Amarok v1.0 Blau Matt
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Volkswagen Amarok v1.0 Blau Matt

MoinMoin all together

I offer you now a growing number of diverse models to Amarok
All these versions over and over again aktualiesiert and refined with your user preferences or wish further special texture or the same installed ...
In short , the Amarok is thus an open source mod -> you send me your suggestions -> I set it to -> And already there is a designed according to users version ;)

Among the features ... The normal Amarok is kept quite simple and only has a trailer hitch it can feel at every need as he would like to install the passenger script.
Currently there is a special model which is equipped with a mobile tank.
In addition, I offer you the possibility to load only the color that you only needed so either as an individual or as a download 's Pack in EM design on the homepage
Currently there are 4 different colors in two different versions to be any color in gloss or matte

Upcoming updates. :
Revision of the dashboard 's , matching trailer and a small surprise model to match the trailer ;)

Ingame Taste of Amarok 13000 LS Euro 's

These models are neither TurboSquid yet these were otherwise fudged together but spring a complete new construction
and this I pray with the appropriate respect to look at and errors any consideration for small volatility 's ;)
The models may not Mod-Review/Vorstellung on Youtube or Adjusted . Platforms will be presented without prior agreement !
In addition, the spread of the download 's is permitted only under the use of the original links ( NO SUB LINKS ! )
Private conversions no problem , tags or remove from individual share of the later publication are by prior arrangement only !

Visit Us : . Www.edge - m- design.de
Visit Me : www.facebook.com/Freak36558

Greeting your Freak36558 ps. one also want to thank my team- mate 's workshop manager & HarryDerModder

And a lot of fun with the VW Amarok :) ;)

Modell & Textur: Freak36558
Ingame: Freak36558 (mit unterstützung / hilfe von Werkstattleiter & HarryDerModder)

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