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VQ2 Hagenstedt v2.65
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VQ2 Hagenstedt v2.65

Delete files .grle in folder savegameX for continue your savegame of the lower version 2.50

Crops : Wheat , barley , canola , grass , corn , oats ( + W ) , sunflower, soybean , poppy , corn V2 ( + W ) , rye ( + W ) , green wheat ( + W ) , millet ( + W ) , spelled ( + W ) , cucumber , tomato , carrot , onion , cotton ( + W ) , peas * ( + W ) , triticale ( + W ) .
W is indicated by producing crops straw and all are accepted at the pig farm and selling at the farm.
Included :
Pig farm
Mixing station.
Sale of manure.
Scale funtional.
Included Watermod to chickens, cows and sheep. (VQ2)
Digital displays functional for all farm silos. (VQ2)       
Added another pig farm near the port.(VQ2)   
Added another gas station in town. (VQ2) 

* To harvest the pea , the harvester must accept erbse growing , not peas .

Changelog 2.60:
Changed straw stores.
Added funtion all crops in pause menu (different colors).
Changelog 2.50:
Added breeding animals (calves, lambs and eggs).
Added entry to fields.
Fixed ParticleSystem conveyor manure and forage.
Added second bridge to pig farm on the river.
Change place sell point manure/liquidmanure.
Added way field 5 to camping.
Best entry to bridge.
New storage for chaff in the cow zone.
Change placard for english version.
To continue with your savegame, delete the file cultivator_density.grle, fruits_density.grle, grass_density.grle and stone_density.grle. Also see the video in support topic.

Changelog 2.40:
Creating field 43.
Added a storehouse for plant field between 43 and 42.
Warehouse has 42 large field jet fuel, seed and fertilizer.
Changed slaughterhouse situation (near field 43).
Added MapSiloBand straw (all), hay, grass, hay and silage mixed.
Added digital counter for all straw silo.
MapSiloBand Added to cow manure.
Converted stretch of road in the village to the farm.
Added POS straw (all more grass and hay) in PDA color green.
Change position missions Golf "field".
Reduction size file .zip.
Removed all errors appearing in the log.
To continue with your game and the new prices, select and delete the file from careerSavegame.xml <fillTypePrices> to </fillTypePrices>.
I recommend delete the file cultivator_density.grle, fruits_density.grle, grass_density.grle and stone_density.grle.

Changelog 2.29:

Added straw of all crops to the mixstation.

Changelog 2.28:

Fixed texture cow manure bunker.

Changelog 2.27:

Fixed problem of new crops with straw.

Changelog 2.26:

Fixed problem of tubers in pig farm that had as grain.

Changelog 2.25:

Prices set new crops.
Selling price of pigs set.
Selling price of manure (sun. / Liq.) Set.
You can sell at any straw white tipper you find.
Added about seed and fertilizer in the field above the golf course.

Changelog 2.15:

Fixed download carrot and onion.

Changelog 2.1:

Added new crops outlets.
Added all the straw to cows.

Modell/fruit: Vanquish081
Michstation: Marhu
Schweinemast: Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
Watermod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Ein Wunsch von: Hardstyler
Umsetzung: Alex2009
Halls: easyhalls.com
store bales: Javier007
Schilder: Nick98_1
Gastation Repsol: Chuzonet
Digital Display: BGP
InGameMenuPause: BlueTiger / Team-SUB7

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