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Wartburg 353 v2.13
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Wartburg 353 v2.13

The mod was converted from 2011, consent of the Urmodders exists.
Was supplemented lighting V31, exhaust smoke and the rates have been adjusted slightly.
He also has a different color, which can change their loosely in blue, this texture is in the skin folder and only needs to be renamed.
Otherwise everything was as far left as it was, was repeatedly tested and working log error free.
As "Ossi" I was a must to bring him over.
Thanks to LS2011 player for your consent. I hope for good cooperation continues.
Have fun with it!

PS: The Store Pic I left as a reminder of the original Urmod!

LS2011-Spieler als Urmodder
CT-Crew-Modding konvertiert

  • David
    2015-05-01 11:30
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