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Water fountain station v1.0
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Water fountain station v1.0

Here my little farm well with memory.
This fountain pumps 2,500 liters per hour in the two tanks with a total capacity of 100.000L.
When you pick up the water, with the standard water trucks / vehicles will not be charged.
So zero cost in water consumption, only 20 units daily operating costs.
It is the Universalprocesskit Mod by mor2000 needed.
Idea, implementation, Design: Peter Pech
Basic models: GIANTS Software GmbH; Unknown; Peter Pech
UPK scripts: moor2000

Idee, Umsetzung, Design: Peter Pech
Grundmodelle: GIANTS Software GmbH; Unbekannt; Peter Pech
UPK-Script: mor2000

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