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Weibach v1.0
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Weibach v1.0

Welcome to Weibach!
I have built in the year 2013 card, only provided here to the DL. The V2 is also almost done, but first there is the V1 again.
The map is medium sized. There Are 29 fields, a few meadows, sheep pasture, cow pasture, chickens, a biogas plant, distributor, etc
The fields must be bought in the shop building. Rot is off. Grain is delivered at the country store front, wool back of the country store.
Game missions are available nich. Otherwise, all wichtiegen triggers are available.
I think I'll look at the pictures speak!
Following mods bentötigt:
Map Door Trigger
Slurry and manure Mod
A Grain Shovel
  For further questions: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Threefourths/741783699182431
We wish you lot of fun.
The card must NOT be re-uploaded or elsewhere provided for DL.

Ein großes danke an allen die die Objekte, Scripte, Gebäude und Texturen zur verfügung gestellt haben!

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