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Wetlands Low Poly v2.0
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Wetlands Low Poly v2.0

Wetlands is an interesting area.
Map was created a long time ago. Note, however, that the game is on they made me a pleasure, so maybe you will like it.
It has all the animals sludge at various locations, River, a small village, large and medium-sized fields. And many others ...
On the map you can find fault, but I can assure you that they do not influence bad. The map has a very good improvements!
Very good for low poly Pc `s
Link to download does not change!


  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-07 03:02
    Nice map ... includes standard crops plus the addition of sand.Has to be one of the more realistic maps I've come across (not the best but it has a certain vibe to it ... not sure how to describe it ... just play it and find out for yourself).The mud holes (bog ... whatever you want to call them) are a nice touch!Overall, this makes a nice addition to anyone's FS map collection!
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