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Wide Home v1.0 by NKB Modding
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Wide Home v1.0 by NKB Modding

Here I would like to offer you my new map . The map was built without a template. It is provided nahezumit very many details , but was also fitted to the performance. Eigentlichsollte any PC grab this map, unless runterstellen , your settings a bit , for example, Very dasHardwareprofil from high to low, but normally it should run fine . For me it works durchgehendmit 57-60 FPS .
General Information Latest version : 1.0 Matched to : Patch 2.1 BETA Multiplayer Compatible: Yes Healthy ( in the log.txt ) : Yes
Then I summarize again now all the features together :

Clover and alfalfa as a cover crop
MapHoseRefStation at the E ON biogas plant and the Kuhgrube the main courtyard
Kalk-/Mist- Güllemod
Purchasable E ON biogas plant
Purchasable farm with biogas plant
wide . Gates to open with the MapDoorTrigger
Traffic light system with built-in flash function ( when run over a red light 350 € penalty to pay )
Completely new designed scenery with unique road network
2 wide . Courtyards, one of which is purchasable
2 outlets ( Agravis country trade , grain Roth)
2 villages
3 Forestry Forests for the soon to be released Forstmod
many purchasable fields
~ 70ha of arable land
Traffic, pedestrians in the village, milk truck
Cows, chickens , sheep
very many details

( Must be unzipped ) Quality mods for Farming Simulator 2009 , 2011 and 2013 GuelleMistMod.zip manure manure and lime Mod v2 - - Required Mods MapHoseRefStation.zip MapHoseRefStation - Farming Simulator UK LS2013 Mod | Mod for Farming Simulator 2013 | LS Portal MapBuyableObjects [ MP ] Buyable Map Object - Webdisc - modPortal MapDoorTrigger MapDoorTrigger - VertexDezign MapAmpeln.zip [ MP ] MapAmpeln V1 by Bluebaby210 - Webdisc - modPortal
The versions ... The version that is specified here as the main file is WITH rot of the fruit. The version WITHOUT rot is here: Breitheim_NKB_ohneVerfaulenâ | zip ( 151,46 MB) - uploaded.net ?
Contact Facebook fan page : facebook.com / nkbmodding Website: Projects - NKB Modding
Copyrights This mod / map may be available for download without prior approval from us ( NKB - modding ) to any other pages. We reserve the right to have it removed before any links that do not reference the original download link. We refer in all cases to the Copyright Act . Here are some important paragraphs. § 12 Publication of Law (1) The author shall have the right to determine whether and how his work is to be published . ( 2) The copyright is reserved to convey the substance of his work publicly , or to describe , as long as neither the work nor the substance or a description of the work is published with his consent . § 14 disfigurement of the work , the author has the right to prohibit any distortion or any other mutilation of his work , which is likely to endanger his or her legitimate intellectual or personal interests at work. § 23 edits and edits transformations or other transformations of the work may be published or used only with the consent of the originator of the processed or transformed plant. If it is a film adaptation of the work to the execution of plans and projects of a work of fine arts in order to demand the reconstruction of a work of architecture or to the adaptation or transformation of a database work already producing the adaptation or transformation of the consent of the author. Source and further laws excerpts: Copyright Act - Unofficial Contents We ask you to comply with these laws , as they are legally binding with this reference.
I want to say that it is again the release of the Forstmods a new version of the map , then with a saw mill , wood chip storage , etc., etc. ... ie , a Forstmod edition now .
Have fun with the mod wants NKB Modding

Erbauer der Map und damit der Urheber ├╝ber dieses Projekt
- Deere6800 (NKB-Modding)

Besonderer Dank an:
PDA Karte: Sepple
Performance: Sudden
Einbau der MapBuyableObjects: Bluebaby210

Div. Objekte, Texturen, Scripte und kleinkram
- NKB Modding
- bahoo222
- Toxic1708
- Fatian
- Fruktor
- GCG Modding
- John Deere 6930
- Katsuo
- Typhoon
- martinbigM500
- Steffen30muc
- Bluebaby210
- Desperados93
- Andii
- Chrisii
- BM Modding
- wildfuchs
- Kolbenfresser
- luxfarm
- ZeFir
- Eribus
- Baue3rR
- B34STx
- Raptor5
- Pfreek
- mailman
- JauchenPaule
- SLJ Agrar
- Macoholic
- TakerLS
- pendrek6
- mati7766
- Tobi89
- LS-Landtechnik
- upsidedown
- TMT-Modding
- Nick98.1

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