Farming simulator 2019 mods
Wood Map v1.0
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Wood Map v1.0

Map features:
V2 manure and lime mod
Push of manure
-Cows, Chickens
-Charging shovel crops by
-1 Main farm
Feeding and turn down service in the barn
Off wilt plants
-Doors and gates opening on the (all)
Map maintained in the Polish climate
-Curious, realistic terrain with average fields
Wild road, a small village, and many other details
-Map of the average and good computers.
-Map of the mean machines
Hilly terrain-
-And many others

Prohibition edit the map without my permission
-For your needs, you can edit but do not spend
-Prohibition of removing anything from the map (scripts models, etc.), the Majority is generated rally available on the internet
-The absolute prohibition of changing the left
-You can be on other forums without royalty provided the total copy and administration
I'm the author of 17szymon
I greet and wish you a nice game.


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