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Wurmbacher area RELOADED v1.0
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Wurmbacher area RELOADED v1.0

It is finally here! The Wurmbacher area RELOADED!
It was built by me from scratch, something designed differently than previous versions, there are more functions built in, the error of the old versions are not all available, etc. .. The reason for the rebuild of this map was to a vote on my website, for other to finally with Wurmbacher area or vintage map finish. This was not possible since the old maps were any errors, and I could not fix this with just a version upgrade. Therefore, now completely rebuilt from 0.
Some are probably wondering if the map is also found in the LS15 collection. This question can I answer in the negative. This map is 80% no longer be available in the next LS. Whether ever come back Maps is still uncertain, as I currently have my school situation very very very little time for the LS.
IMPORTANT! Who has the Farming Classics installed, too few vehicles has start!

Cow pasture, grazing sheep, chickens
Cars drive on the road
Milk truck automatically moves from the milk
Slurry / manure mod is installed
When it rains, water holes form

Price: - LS €
Upkeep: - LS €
Volume: -
Polys: 52095538 polys (all objects on map)
Objects in i3d: -
Files in rar: 2
File size: 145 MB

Required Mods:
Slurry, manure and lime Mod
Farming Classics (Optional)
I still recommend a small manure spreader for MapHoseRefStation

Map: Fendtfan1
Alle Credits: in .rar

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