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Wygorwiaste Lasy v2
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Wygorwiaste Lasy v2

This is the second version of the map Fri Wygórwiaste Forests. Map has changed in terms of the supply of land, has been added baardzo many fields more than twice as much as it was, at the map after I added various bits and pieces, as some fans there and tp.
For this reason, that the harvest is already getting closer to it also have less and less time to do the map ... the map is not finished in the sense that it is not flattering, I did not have too much time to test so I can be mistakes, but do not have to;)
so yes, the map features are:
-Polish climate
-ditches along the road, the water in the ditches
-culverts and bridges
-river, ponds and lakes
-duużo space for planting trees and a few trees to be felled but not only to the appearance of
-a large area
-many fields and meadows
-mud in the fields and roads
-2 villages
-2 Farms (changed a little bit)
-additional crops such as, rye, sunflower, poppy, clover, alfalfa
-Manure v2
-slurry v2
-mod lime
-mod weeds
Small-and medium-sized fields
-mountainous and lowland area

The prohibition to change the link DL
when editing the map, enter the author orginal version


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