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ZD Brodek v2.0
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ZD Brodek v2.0

Welcome to the map ZD Brodek v2. The map is 7 purchases that are Sugar Mill Pub Oseva Station Lidl and Sempra. It is now added to the map Manure Mod, Wool Collector Palette and Production Mod breeding different animals and production of final products. ANIMALS IN PRODUCTION MODE is not purchased. NEED embankment Fodder and everything that is written in the PDA to begin to produce. The map smaller and larger fields.
In addition to basic crops are added crops Oats Rye Sunflowers Tomatoes and cucumbers. They are also added to the map in shelters on grass silage and straw feed mixture. BGA is adapted from the hopper 2.

In addition to basic animal is added here as well as cows, horses, sheep and pigs. Animals are not sold but must be put in place at the slaughterhouse, and there are of them creates meat products. Then there is the production of milk, which is imported to the dairy for the production of dairy products. Dairy and meat products may be sold in Lidl. In addition, there is also a brewery for beer and grains. Animals for breeding need different feed mixtures. everything is
seen in the PDA where the compound which can produce and which animals need the feed mixture. The production of beer and dregs need to buy Sowing of hops. All icons are what is where and what treats sprinkles.

On a different compound, animals, semi-finished and finished products need to purchase a variety of lifts and cars. All the necessary equipment to run the maps you can find in the shop. You need to be loaded simultaneously with the map ZD Brodek DLC v2 into the game. The DLC is a lot needed and improved machines to run the map. Nice playing experience you want Tonda CZ.
1. Beer 2. husk 3. Hops 4. Beetpulp 5. Bran 6. granule mixture
7. Milk(original cows) 8. Pigs 9. Cows 10. Horses 11. sheep
12t. Milk(mod) 13. Meat products 14. dairy produce

Tonda CZ

  • Guest
    2014-10-06 02:22
    awesome map love the icons on it shows where the animals and the milk company is keep up the good work
  • Guest
    2015-02-15 14:49
    there is a problem with your map mod it say's it's got a broken link plz fix it
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