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Zetor 16245 TURBO LSF v1.0
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Zetor 16245 TURBO LSF v1.0

Hello, I wanted to introduce you to another modification which is that this is Zetor.

Authors: Marcello1942, Lech, Modelleicher, Aranea, Sven777b, JoXXer, Templaer, Knagsted, Burner, Friedrich L, Ziuta, Grzegorz056, Lubelski simulator Farms (sorry if I missed anyone).

It has:
- Opening the door (no handles), glass (all as in real) roof.
- Opens and where the radiator cap after opening and warming up the engine flying couple.
- Activated compressor.
- Adjustable lifting arms.
- Adjustable hook (it can not be removed).
- Tilt the camera from side to side.
- Ejecting the camera further back when we look through the rear window.
- Basic animation engine, levers, pedals and transmission.
- Realistic light.
- Extendable roosters.
- Controls and switches in my ability made to somehow work.
- Animation firing key.
- Animated wipers and switches (Front to back).
- And so, no one reads and if you read this regards.
- Animated handbrake lever (manual does not work in MP).
- Halogen front back.
- Shiny glass.

I greet all who have contributed to create this module.
Do not greet people who would convert it badly to a newer version of the LS, A respects those who possibly do with this cool mod in newer versions. Prohibitions dumb because I'm not a saint. (Well, but maybe do not do another ulepu)
Yes I know for the moment goes ls 17 but I think that many people are still playing in 13.


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    mod review here.................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTIjo-2OPC4
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