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ZIL MMZ 164N Pack
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ZIL MMZ 164N Pack

ZIL-MMZ-164N. Opening the door, lift the mask, illumination, speedometer, fuel gauge, wipers, dust from the wheels.
Semi-MMP-584 with extended sides. Volume 7000, with additional sides 15000, basic crops + grass, straw, manure, silage, fodder.

In addition, the package contains:
- 8000l slurry tanker
- Tank for milk and water 8000l
- Semi-d transport of pigs and calves (16 pieces)
- tow truck
- Semitrailer Bale (load lock)
- Semi-trailer timber

Modell / Textur: xaker_tm, Zombi88888
Edit 2013/Scripting: Silak_68, werik

Modell / Textur: Newuser, MythBuster, Giants, Silak_68, werik
Building / Help: Northern_Strike, Stalker
Edit / Script: Silak_68, werik

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