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ZIL Truck Pack v3
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ZIL Truck Pack v3

Author: Kovash

From the author: In Version 2.0 and higher. Next update package ZIL, I see that I liked a lot, so I decided to complete and finalized. Namely: Add another 4 models 133VYA ZIL, ZIL ZIL ZIL 4520 541760th 45065 and tried to make a model similar to that of their peers; The long-awaited trailer for "matchlock" as asked a similar body Zilovskoye ... as the "body" Savoca tipper 133vya 4520 and which has a capacity of 10 cubic meters to replace the steering wheel, modified suspension (with respect to the new models) is softer; Changed the sound of the engine and acceleration. I hope they will be useful in the household.


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