Farming simulator 2019 mods
Massey Ferguson 7480 V2
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Massey Ferguson 7480 V2

Real exhaust
Farmer arm animation
Animated detals
Work lights
Dust wheels
Work speedometers
Moving attach

Model: Diekuh, Giedrius
Textures: Diekuh, Giedrius
Scripts: Diekuh, Giedrius

  • Kj


    2015-05-30 19:29
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    Bonjour, le voila enfin avec les roues à l'endroit. merci pour le partage ;)
  • Scott
    2015-05-31 00:06
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    can anyone help me, when i use a mod that has Farmer arm animation the Farmer arm does not show up, am i missing a mod of some kind mod if so which one. thanks
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