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1 Gen Cummins Mod Pack V2.0
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1 Gen Cummins Mod Pack V2.0

Hey guys! Duramax back here again for a mod release! This is for 2,900 Subs on YouTube! Thank you all, ENJOY!

Duramax_Nation modder

  • Punkadylan
    2016-07-25 20:18
    there three trucks in that pack
  • Helpful person
    2016-07-26 04:47
    What is with all the damn idiots putting these thin ass tires on trucks? What happened to real truck tires. Its like people want their truck to be a ricer.
  • Guest
    2016-07-26 18:40
    @PunkaDylan; Thats still over 90MB per truck. A truck should not exceed 30-40MB TOPS. @Helpful Person; they put shitty tires cause they are shitty editors. Simple as that.
  • Duramax
    2016-07-26 20:40
    Callin me and editor? Bet! Go to my youtube buddy.
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