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Integralhooklift v1.3 Final
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Integralhooklift v1.3 Final

This is the last and final release!
Hello all, this Integral hook lift v1.3 Final made at the request of patje32.
Support questions at the following topic: click here
You can use the following mod to use this mod:

This mod has two arms HKL:
TLC it runner.
And a regular HKL arm that can load containers.

''Gelieve niet de mod ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link from nld-farmers.nl !''
''Please do not upload the mod anywhere else without the original download link from nld-farmers.nl !''

Bobje, nld-farmers.nl
Kyosho’s Modfactory - Bullgore and Dave Erik1988 

  • Bobje
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    Change log:Fixed dedicated server issue.Add new store pictures.New store prices and daily prices.
  • Bobje
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    @..Then you use the Uploaded.net link, There are two download links in this version.You have to read Friend!Or download it not, your your choice ;)
  • Uploaded work around
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    Guys, just open this link, put the uploaded link in here and voila, there is your download. Enjoy. http://premiumleecher.com/
  • Poldy66
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    A very very big thank you to UPLOADED WORK AROUND, Thanks for great tip
  • Herbert
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  • Bobje can blowme
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    You're a special kind of a useless queef, bobje
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